A Sweet 16 Challenge from The Shyann Kindness Project

| April 11, 2013

Shyann would have been 16 this month. The nonprofit named for her is making the world a better place.

Shyann Rosati would be 16 this month but for the fact that her life was far too short. This month, the organization that teaches kindness to Tucson children is asking for your Sweet $16 gift.

Shyann RosatiWould you set aside your life to adopt and care for a child?

Sandy Rosati was volunteering at Casa de los Ninos, a shelter for abused children in Tucson, when she met Shyann in 1998. Shyann was a tiny preemie with serious physical disabilities. Shyann was Native American, born at 27 weeks and 2.4 pounds, a child that would need a lifetime of intensive care. If Shyann were to find parents, they would have to be willing to set aside their lives and live for Shyann.

Shyann was a child with little chance of adoption.

Sandy and Glenn bring home a daughter

After a long and arduous adoption process, complicated by the fact that Sandy and her husband Glenn are not Native American, their dream of becoming Shyann’s parents was realized in December of 2000. Their world became busy with doctor’s visits, ERs, and school issues. It couldn’t have been easy.

Sandy calls Shyann one of God’s little angels, but I’m pretty sure that Sandy and Glenn are big angels. They lost Shyann soon after she became sick during Christmas dinner in 2004.

The Shyann Kindness Project is Born

Sandy and Glenn feel blessed to have been a part of this child’s short life, and I cannot but imagine how fundamentally they changed Shyann’s life. Their organization continues to help kids by practicing kindness, teaching by example, and reaching out to underprivileged, at-risk, and fragile children. The Shyann Kindness project takes their program into local schools with book and gift giving events, and they need your help.

Sweet 16 challenge for Shyann

Shyann would be celebrating her “Sweet” 16th birthday April 23. The goal is to inspire 500 people to give $16, and to pass this message to 16 more friends. It’s easy, you can donate online.

The Project is 100% volunteer driven

There are no paid employees, and your $16 is leveraged to provide 35 new books or $64 worth of toys, or a priceless amount of kindness. This organization comes with my full thumbs-up rating. It’s all about the kids and making the world a better place. Please visit their website and donate today.


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