Are you concerned about your heart health?

| February 1, 2011

For most of us, heart disease is an inevitable part of the aging process. But it doesn’t have to be. There is much we can do to slow or even reverse the progression of heart disease, adding quality time and extending our lives. The Heart Series is a fabulous 12 week program that gives participants the knowledge and the motivation to make positive lifestyle changes to not only increase longevity, but enhance the quality and vibrancy of living.

The program was founded by Dr. Charles Katzenberg, a leading cardiac specialist in Tucson, and Edna Silva, a cardiac rehab nurse and Tai Chi Master. Each session focuses on a topic such as medications and their usage in cardiac disease control. Students also share a vegetarian pot-luck and participate in Tai Chi or some type of exercise and mental meditative practice. The program leans heavily on the research of Dr. Ornish, author of a seminal book on taking charge of your Heart Health.

Edna told me recently that the program is intended to change behaviors, not a series of classes. Because of the interaction of the students and the practice of living a healthy lifestyle, even for a few hours each week, participants actually “practice” the principles they are learning and apply the knowledge they receive. The cost of the class is amazingly low for the amount of personalized care and attention students get from specialists in the field. Classes are offered twice each year, beginning in February and September. Visit their website here.

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