Character Building Inspires Volunteer Service in Youth

| February 6, 2012

A just-released survey highlights the importance of character education in connecting youth with their community, which also results in an increased participation in frequent volunteerism in the community.

The survey, by Scholastic Media and the HandsOn Network, polled over 1000 parents, teachers, and kids through teens on the importance of character building for success and the role of various media in that educational process. It found that the more kids and teens are exposed to character building, the more their interest in volunteering. Conversely, volunteering was seen as an excellent way to build character.

Other research has shown that a area’s economic health is closely tied to vibrant nonprofit and civic engagement within the community. Kids who understand the plight of others and learn that they have a social responsibility and can make a difference have a better understanding of their place within the community. Building character is building future leaders.

Download the Survey (PDF).

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