Community Instructors: A golden opportunity to share

| January 31, 2011

Tucson is fortunate to have a local branch of the national OASIS Institute nonprofit organization. Thousands of “mature adults”, meaning adults over the age of 50, have attended classes in the arts, humanities, health, and technology at locations all around the city. One can literally take a guided walking tour of historic Tucson, learn to Tango, brush up on their Spanish, and try their hand at water color – all in the same week!

OASIS has a unique role in continuing life-long education and growth. I think of it as the Great Facilitator.  It brings together people from the community, perhaps like you, who have a passion, an interest, an expertise, or experience together with adults who are interested in hearing what you have to share!

Tucson OASIS holds classes all around the Tucson area; in libraries, churches, and adult living facilities. There are literally hundreds of classes offered each trimester in the arts, humanities, health, and technology. Some are only a couple of hours long, some longer. You don’t have to have degrees or jump through hoops to sign up and teach. Just propose a topic, location, and times and OASIS will put the rest together.

I invite you to think about signing up for some interesting and challenging classes at OASIS this trimester. You can browse local class offerings by clicking here. Many classes start at about $5.00, and membership is free. OASIS truly offers stimulating classes.

OASIS also offers a pathway for volunteering through their Intergenerational Tutoring program. Volunteers are paired with students who need extra help and guidance in reading. One hour a week can make so much difference to a child. Click here to learn more about the OASIS Tutoring program.

And finally, if you have skills or knowledge that you would like to share with eager learners from this community, consider becoming an OASIS presenter. Click here for more information on this and other volunteer opportunities at the Tucson OASIS.

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