Facebook Wants You to Post What You Are Doing, And How You Feel About It

| April 11, 2013

New expressions have been in tests since early this year

According to Facebook’s Newsroom, a new way of sharing emotions and actions is being rolled out across the country beginning this week. The new feature will appear as part of the familiar status update and will allow you to post specific actions and feelings.

Facebook status update with feelings drop-down

According to TechCrunch, this information isn’t being included in the Social Graph, at least yet, but other posts claim that the information on what you are doing, say watching a specific movie, could end up in your About section.

Facebook movie post

Posts about what you are doing can include links to Facebook pages, as shown above in the movie post. Facebook’s Help page explains that there are preset feelings and activities that will be listed as suggestions, but that you can type in your own and choose an icon.

All of this builds opportunity for advertisers to hook into current activities and moods, should Facebook decide to share the info. I think that’ll probably happen soon.

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