Gifting Wishes Makes it Easy to Put Nonprofit Wish Lists Online

| December 5, 2011

I’m all for making it easy to bring nonprofit needs and donors together and the new Gifting Wishes website is another way to do that. The website, which is free to use, gives nonprofits a way to post their wish lists online and facilitates donations using Google Checkout to process donations.

What I particularly like about the site is that nonprofits can (and should) be tangible about their needs. Instead of asking for “money” or a “donation”, organizations can use the site to talk about their programs and list specific tangible needs, like a laptop or a sponsorship for a kid to go to camp. Donors like details about how their money is used. Creatively using the descriptive capabilities of the “Our Wishes” section can serve to inform donors and increase secondary donations. It’s all about the care and feeding of relationships, and I do like the level of specific communication that the site can provide. I think that a published wish list would be perfect for cross posting links to other social media accounts. My only question would be if it would be possible or desirable to be able to donate a portion toward a larger project that a donor couldn’t swing completely on his/her own?

Google accounts are required to process donations (transactional fees apply for Google as well as Gifting Wishes), but it’s easy for donors, especially if they already have a Gmail account. Gifting Wishes is a collaborative project between NPcatalyst and YourVolunteers.




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