Happy International Volunteer Managers Day

| November 5, 2011

International Volunteer Managers Day LogoVolunteer Coordinators are pretty good company to keep. They tend to be passionate about causes and their work is entirely people-based, so they tend to be chatty and amiable and in the middle of all kinds of cool events. I know of one actual “job” managing a volunteer program in Tucson. And by that I mean a position that pays well ¬†and comes with substantial benefits. Most of the rest, and I’m talking about in the nonprofit world, aren’t high on the career model you would launch your child into.

So today, on International Volunteer Managers Day, I want to salute all of you overworked under-resourced coordinators who try to find, recruit, train, place, monitor, placate, track, herd (like minnows in a stream), retain, recognize, love, and generally guide volunteers of all ages and types to do good work around the world. Keep up the good work!

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