How Many Children Will Be Pushed Off Arizona’s Fiscal Cliff?

| January 12, 2012

Photo of mom and kidsMany state lawmakers have been bragging in recent weeks about the “improved” outlook of Arizona’s state budget while tens of thousands of children and adults go without health care and child care. Many also say it is a high priority to put some of this year’s revenues aside to ease the budget pain when the temporary sales tax expires and corporate tax cuts kick in and we lose $1 billion a year.

Yet, tomorrow both the Senate Finance and House Ways and Means Committees will hold hearings on proposed bills that will make the fiscal cliff even higher and more dangerous. These bills propose new tax cuts and tax credits that will take tens of millions of dollars out of the state’s revenues. Two of the Senate bills expand private school tuition tax credits; the third cuts income taxes for multi state corporations that provide services. One bill in the House cuts capital gains taxes and another bill would refer to voters a cut in business property taxes.

With no plan for offsetting revenues and no plan for balancing future budgets, we know that some state priorities will be pushed over the cliff. Which classrooms will lose their textbooks and their teachers? Which abused children will wait for years in foster care until they can get a safe and permanent home? The upcoming votes on tax bills have a direct connection to children’s health, education, and security.

Please email the Committee Chairmen and ask them to VOTE NO on all tax cuts until there is a complete budget plan for revenues and spending after the cliff.

Senator Steve Yarbrough

Representative Jack Harper

via the Children’s Action Alliance A Voice for Arizona’s Children Since 1988

Editor’s note: The Children’s Action Alliance is perhaps the strongest voice for children’s issues at the state capitol. Visit for research and reports on legislative actions and impact on communities.

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