Instead of DIY It’s DIFM

| December 29, 2011

Meaning Do-It-For-Me, as in Read-It-For-Me, a service that promises to help you “Learn Faster, Go Further” by condensing the books on your shelf, or the books they have already read for you. More than a Cliff Notes approach, creates videos, PDFs, and surprises…

I’m game. I signed up. I’m going to take a test drive because I have a monstrously huge stacks of books to read. I’m one of those who buys the books about a ton of different subjects and finds it difficult to then find the time to read. But I also think any condensed version might miss some gem of knowledge. It might yet be worth it though, I’ll be finding out during my free 7 day trial.

If you have experience with this, let me know what you think and how to navigate the system. Kind of a Navigate-It-For-Me approach.


I was surprised that the PDF condensed versions were quite small, for me, too small to actually contain much. They pretty much are the printed version of the videos. The book selection is pretty small, and business oriented. So for me, it didn’t work. There is a free trial period, so try it for yourself.

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