LinkedIn Adds Tool to Define Connections

| February 4, 2014

New tool gives insight into connection history, type

Linked in thinks you’d like to know, at a glance, your best connection to someone you’d like to meet. The new “How You’re Connected” tool shows interactions between your connections and the connection you’d like to make.

LinkedIn How You're Connected Tool

As you can see in the graphic from LinkedIn, the additional information can help you understand the strength and type of connection between your contact and the person you want to meet. If more than one of your contacts are connected, the additional information can help you decide who might have the better, more recent or professional connection.

LinkedIn has also announced that it will no longer support its iPad app for versions prior to 7.0, and you must have IOS 6 or higher (which leaves out iPad 1st generation.) Check yours out by going to the App Store  and looking for updates.

via LinkedIn

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