New Transportation Option for Seniors in Tucson

| July 26, 2013

A new nonprofit organization has been created to help meet the transportation issues of seniors and visually impaired adults in Tucson. ITN Greater Tucson uses a network of volunteers with private vehicles to provide “door-through-door, arm-through-arm service.” Service is available to the grocery store, doctors office, church, practically anywhere.

The transport service is not free, but is less expensive that a traditional taxi service and more convenient than the bus, especially for those who have minor mobility issues. Users are required to become members (family memberships are available), pay an annual fee, and open a prepaid account in order to access services. Rides come out of a member’s account, so no cash is needed for rides. Tips aren’t accepted either.

ITN Greater Tucson is a franchise of a successful national model. They are looking for members as well as volunteers (who do receive a mileage reimbursement.) Businesses catering to seniors can subsidize the costs of rides to their locations as an enticement for seniors.

For more information, visit the ITN Greater Tucson website or contact them at 520-209-1645 or email

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