Nonprofit Jobs: Tucson OASIS CATCH Healthy Habits Program Coordinator

| March 30, 2013

I.                    Title:   OASIS CATCH HEALTHY habits PROGRAM Coordinator


Location:        Tucson, Arizona, metro area

Schedule:        Full-time.


Organizational Relationships:

Reports to:                 David Eppihimer, Executive Director, Tucson OASIS, and OASIS Institute

Supervises:                 Volunteers

             Coordinates with:                 Tucson OASIS and national OASIS Institute staff; staff of community organizations, including but not limited to Boys & Girls Clubs; after-school-program staff; Tucson Unified School District staff; and local volunteers.

 II.                    Position Purpose:

In partnership with Tucson OASIS staff, local community organizations, and national OASIS Institute staff, this position plans, implements, evaluates and oversees the sustainability of the OASIS CATCH Healthy Habits program in communities in the Tucson metropolitan area.  CATCH Healthy Habits is an intergenerational physical activity and nutrition program that links adults, age 50-plus, and children in kindergarten through fifth grade. CATCH Healthy Habits is an adaptation of the nationally recognized evidence-based Coordinated Approach to Child Health (CATCH) curriculum.


Major responsibilities include: building community partnerships; recruiting, training, and retaining adult volunteers, age 50-plus; implementing CATCH Healthy Habits in afterschool and summer camp settings; reporting to local and national staff; collecting, entering and submitting appropriate program evaluation data; submitting program progress, marketing, expense, and other reports; participating in meetings and training, as necessary; and overseeing program sustainability efforts, including cultivating local partnerships/donors and securing funds.


This position is grant funded and is contingent upon funding being annually secured.


Essential Functions

  1. Coordinate and facilitate program sustainability efforts working with Tucson OASIS and national OASIS Institute staff, including developing and executing a sustainability plan that includes increasing volunteer program ownership, identifying and preparing funding applications and cultivating and leveraging local organizational/corporate relationships to support the program.
  2. Participate in local and national trainings to learn about the program, curriculum, marketing, implementation and evaluation.
  3. Work with the Tucson OASIS Executive Director and National CATCH Healthy Habits Coordinator to develop and carry out a plan to implement, evaluate and sustain CATCH Healthy Habits.
  4. Build formal and informal partnerships with community organizations to secure CATCH Healthy Habits program sites, recruit volunteers and build awareness and sustainability of the program.
  5. Work with Institute communications staff to market and publicize the CATCH Healthy Habits program, including by sharing success stories about children and volunteers in the program, supporting the development of video products, and engaging local media about the program.
  6. Recruit, train, and retain older adult volunteers (adult age 50 or older) to deliver the CATCH Healthy Habits curriculum at partner sites.
  7. Recruit, train and retain capacity-building volunteers to support CATCH Healthy Habits and increase volunteer program ownership over time (e.g. assist with recruiting/training/coaching volunteers, marketing the program, engaging community partners, collecting/entering program data).
  8. Assist with facilitating program sessions to children in grades K to 5 when needed, including substituting for absent volunteers.
  9. Order and ensure procurement of appropriate CATCH Healthy Habits supplies and materials.
  10. Schedule and coordinate local volunteer trainings and ongoing CATCH Healthy Habits volunteer support meetings.
  11. Collect, enter and submit appropriate evaluation data to the national OASIS office.
  12. Submitting program progress, marketing, expense, and other reports.
  13. Meet with individuals, community groups, and community organizations to discuss programmatic issues pertaining to program implementation and sustainability.
  14. Participate in regularly scheduled webinars and conference calls with CATCH Healthy Habits coordinators from around the country and OASIS Institute staff.
  15. Manage local CATCH Healthy Habits project budget.

 III.                    Marginal Functions:

As necessary, present program findings at professional conferences.

 IV.                    Supervisory Responsibilities

Responsible for supervising older adult volunteers (age 50 and older).

 V.                    Budget Responsibilities

In partnership with Tucson OASIS staff and appropriate OASIS Institute staff, manage local CATCH Healthy Habits budget.  Ensure procurement of local program materials and supplies. Develop program budgets for funding proposals.

 VI.                    Qualifications:



  1. Master’s degree and at least two years of relevant professional experience; Bachelor’s degree and at least four years of relevant professional experience; or a high school or Associates degree and at least 10 years of relevant professional experience in the areas of education, public health, social work, nonprofit management, or related field.
  2. Demonstrated ability to think strategically and develop plans to implement and sustain programs and initiatives
  3. Experience working with children in grades K to 5 and/or adults, age 50 and older, in community settings, with a preference for experience engaging both populations.
  4. Experience recruiting, training, and/or coaching adult volunteers.
  5. Knowledge of local communities and working with community organizations.
  6. Experience with community program planning and implementation.
  7. Experience managing budgets and preparing funding applications.
  8. Ability to work independently within guidelines, be organized, and establish priorities.
  9. Displays high standards of attendance and punctuality.
  10. Maintains confidentiality and manages time effectively.
  11. Must have the ability to work within deadlines, established policies and procedures, and perform multiple tasks concurrently.
  12. Excellent communication (oral, written) skills, including public speaking and engaging diverse audiences.
  13. Experience using Microsoft Office, including Word, Excel and PowerPoint.



  1. Experience teaching elementary school children, either during or after school.?
  2. Experience managing volunteer-based programs.
  3. Experience as a participant and facilitator of committees, coalitions, and community groups.
  4. Program evaluation experience.
  5. Experience working with underserved or vulnerable communities.
  6. Minimum of 2 years grant writing experience


Salary range, based upon experience: $38,000 to $42,000.

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