Nonprofits Shine When Caring About People is the Priority

| December 1, 2011
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A recent large scale study of nursing home care and standards of delivery points out that nonprofits can and do deliver significantly better services as compared to for-profit companies. It makes sense, given that for-profit enterprises continually watch the bottom line and cut personnel and service to in order to maximize profits, while nonprofits focus on standards of care and frequently leverage the power of community and volunteers.

According to a recent article by Kevan Peterson in Changing Aging, the study finds that in the rush for profits, nursing home chains cuts costs in part by maintaining inadequate staffing, resulting in a lower number of total nursing hours and high levels of serious deficiencies that result in falls, infections and other serious problems.

This is an issue that should concern every Arizonan. Our fastest growing population is 85+, and cost of care for chronic diseases associated with aging is expected to reach $99 billion a year by 2023. Services to independent frail elders are being cut, prematurely forcing them into the institutional care system. Medical care to the boomer crowd is big business but profits should never be allowed to trump respectful care for the aging.

The study was conducted by the University of California San Francisco. Read the entire article here.

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