OASIS Fans Tweet Way to $16k in Sam’s Club Fundraiser

| July 18, 2011

Tweeters helped OASIS put 3,307 tweets into the Twittersphere  on July 12, raising over $16,000 for adult health and wellness programs. Each tweet containing the hashtag #AdultWellness and the handle @SamsClub was worth $5.  Each Twitter account was restricted to a maximum of 20 tweets, so anyone could effectively donate $100 of Sam’s Club money to the cause without it costing them a dime.

While the $16,000 raised pleased OASIS representatives, they hope to do even better on July 26 when they get a chance to do it all over again. OASIS is reaching out to all of their partners and supporters asking them to help them tweet the maximum number of 10,000 tweets.

If you would like to help OASIS reach its goal, simply post tweets on July 26 with the hashtag  #AdultWellness and the handle @SamsClub. Then feel good about having helped support adult wellness programs nationally, and in Tucson!

If you are up for helping out, leave a note below!

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