OASIS Unveils New Website & Mission Focus

| May 29, 2011

The OASIS Institute rolled out a new website interface this week along with a new mission statement and focus. OASIS is one of the nation’s largest nonprofits geared for the 50+ age , and is well known for producing a wide range of inexpensive community classes in the arts, humanities, and technology each year.

OASIS’ new focus is on “aging successfully” through the increased use of evidence-based programs. Being able to age in place, maintaining independence and choice, requires mental acuity and physical ability as well as increasing the literacy of aging – providing the training and tools for dealing with the diseases of aging like depression and chronic disease management. OASIS is part of a growing group of nonprofits that recognize that with funding sources drying up and becoming more competitive, evidence based models are simply the wave of the future. OASIS has some evidence based courses of their own – the Connections curriculum for instance – and partners with others for health related courses.

OASIS has a new tagline as well, “discover life after 50”. The tagline relates well to the vision of mature adults pursuing vibrant, healthy, productive and meaningful lives. OASIS promotes a 3 pronged approach to engaging members; lifelong learning, health programs, and volunteer service.

Arizona has one of the fastest growing senior populations in the country. The state’s predictions on the number of seniors and the staggering costs of dealing with them are sobering. We need to support nonprofits that deal with the prevention side of the aging issues in order to protect the elder population and to deal with the expected population boom.

You can visit the new website at www.oasisnet.org. Check out local class offerings at Tucson OASIS.

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