Primavera Works as well as Cooks!

| July 6, 2011

Primavera WorkerNeed labor for that landscaping job or a housing move? Primavera has an answer for you – Primavera Works! If you do need temporary day labor, as an individual, business, or organization, Primavera might be the solution.

Primavera is all about providing pathways out of people out of poverty by giving them a stable environment. Primavera is not just a place for people to find shelter, but rather a very large integrated program that provides tangible assistance with housing and opportunity while empowering growth with human dignity. One of our great faults as a society is our failure to realize that no one really wants to be down and out, unhappy, broke and homeless. But breaking free of that cycle can be a formidable challenge. Think of the difficulty of finding worthwhile employment with no address or telephone.

Hiring workers through Primavera is more than getting a body or a crew. Primavera screens workers for abilities based on the job functions required. You can get a single worker or a crew with a van and tools. They’ll move you into that new house, clean up your property, or get that data entered for you, all at a reasonable price.

Jennifer Cowen, Primavera’s Volunteer and In-Kind Supervisor, told me that Primavera even provides a sack lunch and a bus pass for the worker. Honestly, I’m looking for some projects at my house that could employ someone working their way to a better life with Primavera’s help.

For hourly rates and further information visit the Primavera Works page here. If you’d like to learn more about supporting Primavera’s mission, you can participate in the Primavera Cooks! summer fundraiser. Check here for more information.

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