The Volunteer Center is now Volunteer Southern Arizona

| May 19, 2011

The Volunteer Center of Southern Arizona has changed its name to Volunteer Southern Arizona. The name change comes with a new logo and a revamped website. The changes are more than cosmetic; VSA has outlined a strategic plan to expand volunteer capacity in the community and offer more volunteer management services to local nonprofits.

For Southern Arizona nonprofits there are some very important changes that must be addressed immediately to avoid losing access to the site. Free basic access for organizations will end in about 5 weeks when the full website is rolled out.  All nonprofits must submit a new registration form and pay a fee by June 1 or lose their current postings. The new application process includes an MOU and a certification of insurance coverage.

The new logo and website is a result of Volunteer Southern Arizona’s partnering with the national HandsOn Connect network for website management and database support. The HandsOn Connect database and web interface features increased functionality on both sides – as a volunteer looking for opportunities, or as an organization seeking volunteers. Organizations will be able to customize keywords, upload forms associated with events, create “micro volunteer” opportunities, and much more. Volunteers will find the site easier to use, with interactive calendars and additional resources that make finding the right opportunities easier.

Nonprofit organizations will have to decide between a basic membership at $25 per year, or a Community Partner membership membership for $150 per year. Both levels include access to the HandsOn Connect network for online recruitment, but the Community Partner level includes additional publicity, workshop and room rental discounts, and more. For nonprofits struggling over every expenditure, the lack of free access might hurt, but the expanded web capabilities and the increased community impact effort will make the investment worthwhile.

VSA’s commitment to expand capacity includes offering more services to nonprofits, such as event management, as well as an increased effort to build public awareness and participation in volunteering. Tucson ranks in the middle of the pack for volunteerism in the community. There is opportunity for growth, and the VSA’s approach to creating a larger impact and expanding collaborations is certainly needed.

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