Tucson OASIS Rolls Out Community Leaders for Rare Series of Lectures

| October 9, 2012

Tucson OASIS is celebrating the 30th anniversary of it’s parent organization with a unique series of lectures on Tucson’s past, present, and future. The lecture series features many well-known icons of Tucson’s past and present; former U of A President Peter Likens, witty social commentator Fitz Fitzimmons, legendary businessman Buck O’Reilly and many more. OASIS is an over-50 member organization. Visit oasisnet.org/tucsonfor more information and registration.

Josh Brodesky and Joe Burchell, Whatever Happened to the Rio Nuevo that Voters Thought They Were Getting? October 8, 1pm

 Are you confused?  Where did it all begin?  What was its original purpose? What does it hope to accomplish?  Where are the missing millions?  Was there a con man in the mix? What does the future hold?   Join us as two experts from the Arizona Daily Star, Reporter/Metro Columnist: Josh Brodesky and Team Leader Joe Burchell give their perspectives and insights on this timely topic in the history of downtown Tucson development.

Peter Likins, A New American Family October 15, 1pm

The talk is derived from the book, A NEW AMERICAN FAMILY: A Love Story, published in 2011 by the University of Arizona Press. (See www.peterlikins.com) The typical American family will be utterly transformed by mid-century, as inter-racial populations obscure the boundaries that have historically separated Americans by race, and white people become just another minority. The author’s inter-racial family, including six adopted kids born in the 1960s, exemplifies the American family of the future. Mr. Likins retired from the University of Arizona in 2006, having served as President from 1997 to 2006. A few autographed copies of the book are available for sale at $30.

David Fitzimmons, Examine the Year 2012 with David Fitzsimmons October 24, 10am

Examine the year 2012 with the humor and cartoons of political cartoonist and columnist David Fitzsimmons in the context of the modern history of satire, censorship and social protest art.

Steve Ochoa, Mindfulness: Who, What & How October 29, 1pm

Steve will direct and help educate those in attendance the value of being mindful. He will teach techniques that help reduce stress and create an environment to enable attendees to become more aware immediately following the lecture. Mindfulness is a key ingredient in mindful living and creating a lifestyle that will help insure a more fruitful life.

Natalie Brown, Introduction to Refugee Resettlement and Iskashitaa Refugee Network November 5, 10am

This course will give an overview of global to local United Nations refugee resettlement as well as an overview of programs and services offered by Iskashitaa Refugee Network and volunteer opportunities.  Students will learn about people who leave their homes to escape war, oppression or genocide; how they can become involved in social justice solutions by empowering new Tucsonans; how they can enrich their own life by meeting new people and learning about other cultures.

Jeff Babson, Introduction to Desert Ecology November 15, 10am at Fairwinds Desert Point November 30, 10am at OASIS

As we all know, the Sonoran Desert is a challenging environment.  Animals and plants that live here have many obstacles to overcome in order to survive.  This class introduces students to the many factors influencing the survival of desert plants and animals.

Janet Parkhurst, Joesler, Murphey and Catalina Foothills Estates November 16, 10am

The significant architectural contributions by Tucson’s premier team, architect Josias Joesler and builders John and Helen Murphey, have long been acknowledged in our community.  The collaborative skill of this team culminated in the successful development of Catalina Foothills Estates, a planned residential community carved from 7,000 acres of undeveloped land that overlooked the Tucson Valley.  Joesler was the right man at the right time in the pre-World War II development of Tucson.  His work represented the stylistic imagery used to promote the Southwest as a resort destination and reflected America’s romance with the Southwest.  Preservation architect, Janet Parkhurst, will present the Joesler/Murphey team’s Catalina Foothills Estates, showing details of some of Tucson’s most beautiful residences in their natural desert settings.

Doug Shakel, Geology for Beginners: Tucson and Environs November 19, 12:30pm

Tucson, surrounded by mountains, with several ranges towering nearly a mile and a half above the valley floor…yet the lowest parts of the valley are nearly a half-mile above sea level as well!  How did this all happen?  And how can so many of these ranges be so different from one another?  Join us as we learn the answers to these and other questions in our classes for novice geology fans.  Student materials fee of $10 payable to instructor.

Buck O’Rielly, A Native’s Opinion: How Tucson Has Grown But Never Grown Up Over the Last 80 Years November 20, 10am

Richard Brady O’Rielly, aka Buck, is a 7th generation Tucsonan and graduate of Tucson High and the U of A. Returning a decorated pilot from the Korean War, he joined his father’s company, O’Rielly Motors, and today remains the C.E.O.

Jeanette Maré, A Conversation on Kindness December 4, 1pm

The mission of the Ben’s Bells Project is to inspire, educate and motivate each other to realize the impact of intentional kindness and to empower individuals to act according to that awareness, thereby changing our world.  Jeannette Mare, Ben’s Bells founder and Executive Director, will lead A Conversation on Kindness, an in depth discussion of the challenges and opportunities we encounter in every interaction as we strive to create a kinder community.

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