Twilight Wish Foundation Grants Wishes of the Elderly

| September 5, 2012

Imagine Being a Low-Income Senior and Just Wanting Your Own Set Of Teeth

I sat down with Jennifer Wild last week to talk about the Twilight Wish Foundation of Arizona and the organization’s efforts to grant wishes to low-income seniors and vets. I had imagined seniors wishing a trip to the ocean, a flight to a reunion, a spa day. There are some of those wishes in the bucket, but many of the wishes are far more basic and sobering. Tucson seniors want their own dentures (yes, some have to share), hearing aids, and eyeglasses. They want to be able to eat and communicate and see.

Twilight Wish seems to be pretty open to wishes of any kind. They are able to grant about 1 wish each month, and that wish can be for a TV or a trip to see a lighthouse – or just the aforementioned personal set of teeth. One senior got to ride across the country in a semi, another is on the list for a hot air balloon ride. These crazy old folks! I hope they all get their wishes. Take a look at the Open Wishes page and see what seniors across the country are asking for. Click the Donate button while you’re there.

Twilight wish is a small national organization with a great vision: to make the world a nicer place to age, one wish at a time. They are also a responsible organization with a commitment to transparency and responsible governance (click here for Guidestar reports). Almost all of their funding comes from public donations.

Early alert: Plan on attending Scrooge at the Gaslight Theater on December 1 at 3pm. Proceeds benefit the Twilight Foundation, and just might help buy a set of dentures for one of our seniors.

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