What Does the New Facebook Look Mean for Nonprofits?

| March 8, 2013

Will Facebook’s changes mean a decreased reach for nonprofits?

Facebook rolled out major changes to the News Feed look and interface yesterday. The new style gives users more control over what they see by segmenting the News Feed into categories or subfeeds. How will nonprofits, and marketers in general, fare with this new categorization? What will this new look mean for your nonprofit reach?

Content feed categories could affect reach

Whether or not these changes will decrease potential exposure of our posts to our followers is the issue for nonprofits. It comes as a surprise to many that only about 1 in 6 followers sees a post anyway, due to the EdgeRank algorithm that Facebook uses to determine post popularity and relevance. The new Facebook News Feed categories allow users to focus on topics or stories of interest to them, say just posts from friends or music feeds, and filter out the clutter. This isn’t good news if you’re the “clutter”.


Facebook new cleaner look with larger graphics

Nonprofits will be pushed to use paid marketing

Nonprofits might feel pressured to advertise. We’ve assumed that our posts will just mix in with our followers general news feed, but users now have the control to change that. It will depend on user trends. If users choose to spend their time primarily on filtered feeds where our Pages don’t display, then organic reach will decrease.

And how are they going to feel about advertisers who choose to promote in their All Friends sub-feed?

On the other hand, it will provide new marketing opportunity for some marketers. What better time to advertise music than when a Facebook user is on their Music feed?


Facebook events post gets more space

Graphic content will be even more important

Graphic content remains dominant for two reasons. First, pictures get over 50% more Likes, Comments, and Shares than text-based content. Secondly, the percentage of News Feed stories containing, or consisting entirely of, photos continues to grow. Facebook is giving more space and consistent white spacing to posts overall, and giving more pixels to graphic content. Overall the look and feel will be cleaner and more organized. If you want a preview, take a look at Google+, the layouts are, well, nearly identical. The new look updates Facebook’s jumbled mix of text and photos into a much cleaner graphic and icon rich interface.

facebook_percentage_of_photo_uploadsWant to get the new look sooner?

Head on over to Facebook and see screen shots and a video of the new layout. While you’re on the page, sign up to join the waitlist for the new version.

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