Where to Give in the Season of Giving – Infographic

| December 26, 2011

Here is a fun infographic from Credit Monkey. It illustrates several important aspects of the charity scene. Nonprofits have a significant impact in the economy — 9% of all wages come from the nonprofit sector. The chart also highlights the role of individual giving; while major corporations and foundations give many millions of dollars and garner the publicity, the vast majority of donations still come from individuals (and not the wealthy either).

If you have a question about a charity you can check them out on Guidestar or Charity Navigator but most individual giving is to charities that we already know and identify with. There are still a few days in which to donate and receive the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit if you donate to charities that qualify as working directly with the poor. This is a great way to donate, get a dollar-for-dollar credit, and direct your dollars to the charity of your choice. It’s the Season of Need, so let it be the Season of Giving.

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